Gun Owners Are From Earth, Gun Haters Are From Uranus

Obviously the title of this article is a parody of the title of the famous book, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. However, I believe this is more truth than fiction, and I hope you’ll find this glimpse at reality versus perception entertaining and educational, and gain a better understanding of the issue of “gun control.”

We live in a 24/7 news cycle. When I grew up, and well into adulthood, we saw world news once in the evening and local news and weather in the early evening, and again at bedtime.  Newspapers were also an important source of news and information. This was also a time of “straight news-” the who, what, where sort of reporting. The original “We report, you decide” sort of information.

Nowadays we have instant notification of breaking news on our phones, full stories, and reports with video shortly after, so we never have to wait. This method also allows for more information than in a standard 30 minutes news program. Without the time constraints, there is also plenty of time for comments and opinion to enter the mix.

Most of us understand there is a difference between reality and perception. Most, who are well informed and take the time to be educated and exercise common sense, (I am going to start a petition renaming it uncommon sense,) find perception and reality to be the same. Fox example: A parent tells a child, if they complete a task in a certain period of time they will go have ice cream as a treat. The child messes around taking longer than the allotted time, and never actually completes the task. When the child learns the ice cream trip will not happen, their perception is that this is not fair, and it’s not their fault. The parent sees the reality of actions and natural consequences.

I was taken aback when I saw a Mark Dice video showing when random people on the street were offered the choice of a chocolate bar or a 1 ounce bar of silver.  Without fail, each person took the $1 chocolate bar over the $14 silver bar. Perceived value versus the reality.

The old saying “When it bleeds, it leads” holds a lot of truth. I can assure you there are far more stories each day that would make us feel good than there are muggings, shootings, rapes, and so forth. They need the sensational to capture viewers, because there is a constant competition for ratings, which in turn means more advertising dollars.

Have you seen the reports that violent crime is at a 40 year low? These charts compiled by Pew Research show the vast difference between perception and reality. Four and a half times as many people believe violent crime has gone up versus the reality we are at a 40 year low. Many conclude that the decline in violent crime ties in with the increase in the number of guns, and the legal authority legislated to protect victims who protect themselves. It is certain the increase in the number of guns has not resulted in an increase of violent crime.  As the meme says, “With 320 million firearms and trillions of rounds of ammo, if gun owners were a serious problem, you’d know it!”
Speaking in generalities here, there are no absolutes. The vast majority of violent crimes are likely committed by Democrats. Much of the crime in the inner cities is committed in areas where Republicans get few, if any votes. More often than not, Democrats are also the victims of these crimes. These urban Democrats or progressives see the gun as the problem, take away guns, and the problem will go away. In all fairness, there are Democrats in rural areas who treasure their gun rights.

Conservatives and Libertarians believe the founders recognized the necessity of being armed for protection. WE are the First Responders, not some government agency. The founders did not envision the use of this right to protect us from deer who banded together to get even; it was to protect from those who threaten our pursuit of “Life, Liberty and Happiness, whether that be a criminal or a government. The conservatives see a gun as a tool- a good thing to have around like a fire extinguisher or parachute. When you need it, you need it, and waiting for someone to bring it can mean disaster.

Remember, these are generalities. I could find no stats that confirm or deny this theory. All I can do is look at what happens every day in America and draw a conclusion. When I say Democrat I also include liberals and progressives, when I say Republican I also include conservatives and libertarians.

Democrats use guns to kill each other and other innocent people. The exception to this is, of course, gangs who largely kill each other with the occasional, accidental, innocent hit.

Democrats do not understand tyranny, unless a Republican is in office.

Republicans use guns for hunting and self-protection. They use their guns to protect themselves, and they understand the threat of tyranny knows no political party.

Democrats see no reason for anyone to have a gun because all they see is other democrats using guns trying to kill each other.  When Democrats say they want to restrict or take the guns, Republicans see that as, “Disarm yourself, so I can shoot you, or round you up and send you to camps, if you don’t comply.”

It really does not matter if this is not 100% accurate, because I believe it is the PERCEPTION of both sides. With these perceptions, any sort of reasonable resolution is impossible. Until Democrats open their eyes, and see the root of the problem, they will continually try to put bandaids on a spurting artery.  As a constitutional conservative, I can (and have) made the case that our perception is, in fact, reality.

With this in mind, whether I have a bazooka, or a 50 cal M-2 machine gun, an Abrams tank, or even an F-15 Strike Eagle, I would only use them for protection. Defensive use. The Democrat sees me, as he sees his fellow Democrats, and assumes I want to kill people with them.

Guns have two enemies: rust and politicians-  a phrase which has been used since at least 2000, and its authorship is unknown.  It dovetails well with something I stated recently, “Democrats want to take your right to bear arms, Republicans will compromise them away.”  Many politicians perceive gun ownership as a “hot potato” because the battle lines are drawn in such bold strokes.  Both sides perceive they’re right.

Gun owners find themselves at odds with about half of the people in the nation, and most of the politicians. We have been compromising our position since 1934 with very few reversals on the march towards a total destruction of our right, our natural or God given right. We suffer the reality that the government formed to protect our rights has become the instrument by which that right is taken away. And make no mistake, the goal is the ultimate destruction of that right.

Guns are not the problem, evil is. Evil has been in the world since the Garden of Eden, and will remain until the end of time.  IF EVERY GUN IN THE WORLD was destroyed, including all used in the military, evil would still exist, and be visited upon us using different tools.

God made all men, Sam Colt made all men equal” is a reflection of reality.  Whether it is a 200 pound man trying to rape your wife or daughter, a terrorist trying to wage jihad or tyranny in the nation’s capital, the firearm is the great equalizer.

May we stand firm against any further infringement on our rights.


Photo Credit: “01 The Solar System PIA10231, mod02”, © 2008 Image EditorFlickr | CC-BY


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