Life after the election will be…….

Monday night on my radio show I mused about this being the worst election cycle in my 63 years.  My study of history tells me it’s not the worst in our nation’s history, but it’s not a competition in we should endeavor to be the worst.

I have friends from the “other side of the aisle” who are deeply divided over Hillary and Bernie still to this day.  Many Bernie supporters cannot stand Hillary and do not understand why she is not in jail, as do I.  Certainly I do not need to explain the divide on “our” side.  Friendships and even families have split over Trump.

I have tried in my articles and posts to be fair and honest.  Sometimes the truth hurts and is not what people want to hear, but I feel it is not honest for me to sugar coat the truth.  My allegiance is to the constitution and I am terribly frustrated over friends who have abandoned this foundational document.

What will happen after November 8th?

I wrote an article recently asking this question, actually, “Will the nation face chaos regardless who wins in November?” Read about it here:

I could tell by comments that many never read the article.  There are many on both sides who predict violence and chaos in the post-election days. While I cannot predict with any certainty what lies ahead, I believe any chaos will not be a result of the election, however, it could be that the results will exacerbate other problems and add to the “perfect storm”.

All I can assure you is that after the election, I will remain a staunch supporter and guardian of the Constitution.  I have never allowed party loyalty to affect my judgement.  I was critical of Nixon and Ford as I was of Carter and Clinton.  While I love most of what Reagan stood for and accomplished, I was critical of his shortcomings.  Bush 41 was a terrible disappointment, I actually stopped supporting any Republican party committee during the Bush 43 administration.

Congress and the president went off the rails during those eight years.  When Obama took office he simply continued the extra-constitutional actions.  Remember, most people love a king or dictator when they are doing what WE like.

It is likely that over half of the population will be upset over the results in November.  How they will react is anybody’s guess.  Since we are going into the winter months, I suspect that most of the hype is just that, hype.  Rioters and such just don’t typically feel all that much like rioting in the cold and snow.

What will life be after November 8th?  For me, it will be the same as November 7th.  I will tell you the truth, regardless of who occupies the White House.  If the occupant is a guardian of the Constitution, I will tell you and sing their praises.  If not, I will tell you and condemn them.

Since compromise always takes us further from the constitutional principles, I expect to have plenty to say.  I would hope to be able to motivate you to learn and act.  Politicians and parties, for the most part, are not the guardians of the constitution, they are its enemy.  We are the guardians.  Prepare yourself, arm yourself with the truth and join the fight…fight as if the very republic depends on you…because it does.

Photo Credit: “Listening to Music on the Train”


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