Getting Ready for What Lies Ahead- Whatever That May Be

Some call it “prepping,” some call it crazy. I call it just being ready, sort of like the Boy Scout motto, “Always Prepared, Always Ready.”

Prepared or ready for what? 

Well, you just never know what life or the world may throw at you. And being prepared is more than food and water set aside, it is a state of mind.

The things you may face in life may not be a natural disaster, national collapse, or civil war. It could be the loss of someone close to you in an accident or to a disease. You might lose your job. Perhaps you could be the victim of violent crime. We have no promises in life, and sooner or later we all face difficulties.  How well we are prepared to face them will determine how, or if, we will survive.

We live in a world of instant gratification; the idea of delayed compensation is inconceivable to many. If we take a look at those who practice a religion, we can see people are preparing for the future. They live in such a way, so they are ready at any time, and their reward is not even in this life.  Preparing for physical and emotional calamities is similar with the exception of inevitability. We all will die. No one gets out of this life alive.

So, for what sort of things should we prepare? One would be some kind of national emergency. The electric grid could be taken out by an enemy setting off an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse), or it could be a natural solar flare. I discussed in my book, “Spare Time” that it could be terrorism using fairly simple means. We could be drawn into some sort of world war with fighting on our home soil, or a civil war. Maybe it’s not national, but regional, and you are in the middle.

What if it was a medical issue-  a major disease breakout that is either natural or terror related? What if it were a combination of things? As I discussed in my book, the problems were a “perfect storm” of international events.  Our society would have easily absorbed any one or two of these, but the combination overwhelmed the system and society’s ability to cope.

amish buggies from Flickr via Wylio

© 2012 Ann BarkerFlickr | CC-BY

First off, if you are not emotionally prepared for your life to be turned upside down, no amount of supplies will solve that problem. If you suddenly had to live without electricity, could you? Ice storms, hurricanes, tornados and other natural disasters can put you in that position for weeks. Solar flares or EMPs could wipe out the grid nationwide, or even worldwide for a solar event, for months or years. Most could never afford to run a large enough generator for an extended period; those are sufficient only for outages of hours to days. We have an Amish community near us, and they do quite well without connection to the grid, but they are prepared.

What about groceries and water? The typical grocery store has three days of supplies on hand at normal buying and consumption rates. If their deliveries are upset and there is panic buying, it will all be gone in a day. Can you make it for an extended time? Two weeks? Two months? A year? We watched New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina as people became desperate, many depending solely on government entities to “save” them. Would you, or could you, protect yourself and family if desperate people and criminals try to take advantage of you?

It took days for government agencies to respond to the relatively small area of southern Louisiana and Mississippi, and once they arrived, they were unable to cope with the problems.  People were missing and stranded. There were roving bands of criminals preying on the helpless and unprotected businesses. Of course, there were numerous examples of law enforcement disarming law abiding civilians whose only desire was self-protection. Often, government does not like self-reliant individuals.

What if there was a worldwide economic crisis? What if the Dollar crashed and became worthless? What if your job went away and unemployment was 50% or higher? What happens to your life savings and retirement? Will the government end up owning your house through guarantees by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Roughly 90% of all mortgages are backed by those government funded agencies. In a serious collapse, the government could end up controlling most of the homes in the nation. How does that sit with you?

In “Spare Time,” I frequently say, “Prepare for the worst, and hope for the best.” My intention with this article is not to teach you how to prepare or warn you with what specifically you should concern yourself. I want you to think. Yesterday I urged my readers to consider their blessings. Today I want you to understand those blessings might be taken from you through no fault of your own. The early colonists went through very tough and trying times. Remember, true freedom not only allows us to seek our own destiny, it also allows us to fall on our face.

How you survive or thrive during difficult times will depend not only on your preparation efforts, but those who are part of your inner group. Obviously, you cannot make it all alone unless you are in a very remote location and are used to being alone. Having extra people brings extra needs for sustenance and increases the possibility of internal strife. Do you have the “guts” to tell someone, even a close family member, they have to leave because they are not pulling their weight or are a threat to the survival of the group? There are many tough questions we might face.  Is it not better to give them some thought and never be faced with the issue than to suddenly be forced to make decisions “on the fly?”

I believe that some sort of calamity will befall us in the reasonably near future. I have no clue what, or when, just that it is more likely to happen than not.  Many are saying that since Trump won, we dodged a bullet, so to speak. We are nearing $20 trillion in debt. We have nearly $1 trillion in deficit spending each year, and Donald Trump has a $1 trillion spending stimulus ready to roll out. With Washington’s appetite for tax dollars and deficit spending, I do not see much slowing. That is not an indictment of Trump, but of our government’s insatiable desire to grow larger, and gain more and more control.

Most say, “This is America. We’ve always made it, and we will continue to do so.”  Others may think it is something that could happen, just not in our lifetime. I have friends who say they are Christians and are “ready to go.”  They will not hide in their basement hoarding water, but that they are ready to meet their maker. I am ready, as well. But what of our children and grandchildren? What of the future generations that may never know any semblance of freedoms we have known and enjoyed?

We have been made guardians of the republic by the nature of our birth in this great land. Who are we to sit idly by as it crumbles into the dustbin of history? Does it not behoove us to have our eyes open and be ready to endure the trials that may lie ahead? To fight to retain our freedoms, spiritual and physical?

I know of people who have bunkers and years of supplies laid up, and I know people who are oblivious and will not know anything is happening until it is too late. No one can be 100% ready for any and every contingency. The biggest part of the battle that will occur is between your ears. If you can ready your mind, the rest will come naturally.

May God bless each of you and our republic, come what may.

Photo Credit: “Train Wreck, Steam Locomotives”, © 2005 born1945Flickr | CC-BY


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