Problems Cannot Be Solved With The Same Mind Set That Created Them

That quote by Albert Einstein is never truer than when it is applied to government. Not just federal government either, the same problems plague every level of government from small towns to Washington DC.

Imagine an immense prairie, the head high grass is dense and lush, extending as far as the eye can see in all directions. The prairie is surrounded by a good solid fence that would seem to be difficult to get through anyplace but the supplied gates. As you are admiring the view, you notice a small fire! Knowing what will happen unchecked, you call 911, and the fire is seemingly put out quickly.

Then you notice another fire, and once again, the emergency equipment arrives on the scene to put out the flames, but then you notice yet another fire has begun, plus the first one is once again ablaze, only worse this time.  It is then you notice holes in the fence–  big, ragged holes that were carelessly cut as if time was more important than care. “They were probably cut by the fire department to save time,” you think to yourself. In your despair over the loss of the beautiful prairie, you suddenly realize that someone is walking around and striking matches and dropping them to the ground!

A closer inspection seems to reveal the man is wearing a fireman’s uniform! How can this be? Don’t we pay these highly trained individuals to protect the prairie, and by extension, us and the environment? You make the effort and get to the man with the matches. You grab him by the arm and ask, “What are you doing? You’re destroying the prairie!” He looks at you and shakes his head. “Silly little person, go home and trust us. We know what is best. We are professionals. While you may not understand it, we are doing what is best for the prairie.”

Well, he is a professional. And what do I know? I only know I love the prairie and that the people who planted the prairie wrote that they did it for us to enjoy, and that we all should have equal access to the benefits from the prairie.

Perhaps by now, you catch my analogy. The prairie is our Declaration of Independence. The idea, the principle upon which our Republic was built. The fence is the Constitution. Abraham Lincoln described it as an “Apple of Gold in a Picture of Silver.”

Last week, the Kansas House (my state) passed a record tax increase. This is, of course, people who created the problem now trying to solve it, and thus prove themselves smarter the Albert Einstein. That same week a house committee killed a proposed resolution that would invoke an Article V convention of states to limit and restrict the federal government. Much of the state (all states) budget is paying for mandated federal programs and spending. Rather than do their sworn duty to follow and protect both the state and federal constitutions, they “know best” how to handle the problem.

Of course, all levels of government pass it on to us, the people. We don’t get to make the choices; we only pay for them.

The “experts” have conditioned us to base our economy on consumption. A major problem with that is the “Baby Boomer Generation.” Baby boomers are the largest generation ever to exist. Subsequent generations are smaller and smaller. As baby boomers retire and die, they will be spending less and less. So we find our economies with fewer wage earners, and fewer people buying goods and services. This does not bode well for the world economy as the baby boomer generation is a worldwide phenomenon.

We have allowed ourselves to become enslaved, not to a plantation master, but to banks, government, and “stuff.” We are victims of sleight of hand illusionists, firemen, if you will, who created the problem and now demand we allow them to fix it. We’re told the economy is wonderful, unemployment is low, and all is good in the world. Never mind the central banks pumped over $12.3 trillion into the world economy and $10 trillion in negative yielding global bonds. (

Do we care? Certainly! But we seem to be too busy throwing rocks at each other, hurling insults on Facebook or just ignoring it, hoping it will all go away. It is to the politician’s advantage to keep us at each other’s throats.

It is past time for us to settle down and work. Our job is not to sit at home and complain. It is not to vote. It is not to post on Facebook.

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

Form, establish, insure, provide…all verbs. Verbs are action words. If we were to form and establish, it stands to reason we are to maintain. Insure and provide are ongoing. Article V was given to us because the founders knew society would change, and that there would be those who would cut a hole in the fence. Either the Congress or the people through their states are authorized and required to take steps necessary to insure and provide. Just as the prairie cannot survive a continual setting of fires, so our Republic cannot survive the constant meddling of government.

We need to tackle the guy throwing the matches and stop him.

Photo Credit: “Prairie”, © 2011 Denise KrebsFlickr | CC-BY


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