“What event is that?” you ask.

Honestly, I’m not sure yet.  All I know is that what we have happening every day is not conducive to repairing the Republic.  I figure it is one of two things:  either we will experience a great awakening and return to the principles that established the Republic, or things will continue the long slog that has dismantled it, and we will witness the demise of the world’s greatest experiment in liberty.

I believe we are at a tipping point–  things cannot continue as they are.  Progressivism has been slowly entrenching itself in every segment of society and government for over 100 years.  I’m sure we have all heard of cases where someone learns they have cancer, but it is too late to do anything about it.  The tumor has tentacles attached to all the vital organs and to try and take it out will certainly kill the patient.  Progressivism is that cancer.

Progressives began in law schools during the 19th century where their influence began to present itself in the courts, and soon after that, in the universities teaching the future teachers.  Progressivism hit its peak in the Wilson administration, but they had overplayed their hand and were viewed as a scourge.  If you ever wondered why “Liberals” were not actually liberal, but very restrictive in what is acceptable, it is because they adopted the term for progressives when that name was no longer viewed in a positive way.

Historically, the classic liberal is much like the libertarian of today.  They simply believed in maximum liberty, minimum restriction, and personal responsibility rather than government managed lives.  During the 2008 debates, Hillary Clinton declared herself a 20th-century progressive.  Progressives are excellent at deception, using words and terms to make their policies sound good, especially to an uneducated populace.

Certainly, if you follow me you know I speak frequently of progressives on the Republican side.  The reason the Republican leadership does not push for a repeal of Obamacare and many of the other unconstitutional acts by government is that they too believe in government as a solution to the problem, rather than as the problem itself.  The refusal to use constitutional remedies has led to a building frustration and division.

With the defeat of Hillary Clinton last fall, progressives saw the potential of a huge setback.  In reality, they do not have much to fear because they have enough allies on the Republican side of the aisle.  However,  President Trump will certainly put a kink in their progress.  And this brings me to the main point of this article.  In the past, we would have disagreements with presidents from one side to the other, but the office and man were respected even where there was disagreement.  Bill Clinton’s escapades in the Oval Office certainly cheapened this idea, and Barack Obama’s arrogance and apologetic attitude towards our history, along with his misuse of power, only served to cement the hard feelings of most on the “right.”

The contentious Republican primary only threw gasoline on an already building fire.  I do want to point out here that the real issue here is the people, not the candidates and politicians.

I have never seen anything like it.  Has it always been like this and social media makes it more evident?  I do not think so.

As I look at social media, I see those who think Donald Trump is the most marvelous person to ever become President, and he can do not wrong.  I see those (Republicans) who think he is the scum of the earth and can do no right.  Certainly, Democrats find no joy in a Trump presidency, but they speak freely of impeachment quite often.  I see comments about commentators, Glenn Beck has lost it, Bill O’Reilly is a dirtbag, and so forth.  But the problem is worse than just calling names or taking sides.

Everyone must agree with the writer of the post or they are also scum.  In most cases, there are not reasoned discussions. There are a few who are looking for the truth and looking to better themselves or their friends.  This only adds to the chaos that is the daily news and the turmoil of a bloated and bankrupt government.  The lack of knowledge by most people as to the enumerated powers of government is striking, especially by those who profess to fight for the Constitution.

I saw a post yesterday which asked, “How many of you think Pres. Trump is America’s last best chance?”  95% of comments agreed that he was.  Those on the Right vilified Obama for governing outside his presidential powers, and then expect and cheer “our guy” to do just that.  It fits one of my mantras, “Everyone loves a tyrant, as long as it is THEIR tyrant.”  We either have a Constitution that means something, or we don’t.  We either have a Republic, or we don’t.  It’s like pregnancy,  you cannot be a little pregnant, or half pregnant.  You can’t take the best of being pregnant and put it with the best of not being pregnant and come up with a real condition, yet that’s what we’re trying to do with our government.

An article in the Daily Mail proclaimed, “Obama delivers a new veiled slap at Trump as he warns – in Canada – that America could descend into ‘extreme nationalism and xenophobia and the politics of us-versus-them.”  While Obama did not name Trump, his meaning was clear.  Shockingly, I agree with his observation, but not his conclusion.  This speaks to my statement that we are witnessing an amazing event.  Trump is not the cause of nationalism– that is the result of an oppressive, bloated, wasteful government.  The US today is much like 1930s Germany.  The rise of Nationalism in the US parallels that of Germany.  I am not saying Trump is Hitler.  I am saying the conditions and events of the past few decades have created the atmosphere for a nationalist movement.

We are currently devolving into a vile and hateful population.  We don’t have to like someone or everything they stand for to recognize they are right or correct on an issue.  We don’t have to hate and shun someone because although we agree on most things, we have a disagreement on an issue.  The prevailing attitude will isolate many of us into little pockets of people with whom we agree and none of us will accomplish anything more than slapping each other on the back.

As the colonies moved towards the Declaration, there were those who were Loyalists, who fought to keep the status quo.  We will have to fight the present day Loyalists as did our forefathers, hopefully, without taking up arms.

The nation was begun on a standard, a map, to take us to the destination of liberty.  It was not perfect, nor was it promoted as such.  It was designed to address shortcomings and make needed course corrections.

We are lost.  And just like a married couple arguing with each other over who’s to blame and how to get back on course, it rarely ends well. With what we are currently doing, it won’t end well for our nation, either.  We must return to the standard, use the map, and return to a point when we were on course.

Constant infighting and casting hateful glances and accusations solves nothing.  It’s time to step back, take a deep breath, and accept responsibility for our personal shortcomings. Studying the road map– learning our history and knowing the Constitution will.

We will not always agree!  The Federalists and the Anti-Federalists were deeply divided, but they came together and did the best they could, rather than digging in their heels.

What are we witnessing?  Will we witness an awakening that will save the Republic, or will we witness its dying gasps?   Abraham Lincoln said it best, “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

Our posterity deserves better than what we are doing.

Photo Credit: The Phoenix Rises



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