This past week, two names were in the news, one fake and one real.

Last weekend many of us began to receive messages from concerned friends about a threat to our security.  I had a little fun with a video about Jayden K. Smith that you can watch here.  I also discussed the issue at length on my weekly podcast.  I also talk about little Charlie Gard as well.


People suffer from confirmation bias– in reality, we all do to a certain extent.  What is it?  In psychology and cognitive science, confirmation bias (or confirmatory bias) is a tendency to search for or interpret information in a way that confirms one’s preconceptions, leading to statistical errors.  I think we see this in both cases with Jayden K. Smith and little Charlie Gard.

People are afraid of the unknown, and a threat to our security makes us tend to jump before we look.  We believe there is a threat, so we assume the warning is of an actual threat.  We share the warning without checking to see if the threat or news is accurate.  A simple search revealed the threat was a hoax.

Many of these same people refuse to believe things they hear about someone or something they believe in, even though a simple search would reveal it is true.  It should be a wakeup call to us all to be more discerning about the information we share and believe.  As Reagan told Gorbachev, “Trust, but verify.”

What about little Charlie Gard?

If you are not aware, Charlie is an 11 month old little boy in England who has a very rare disease called mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome.  Apparently, Charlie is only one of 16 ever diagnosed with this disease.  Of course, Charlie had the misfortune to be born in a country with socialized single payer healthcare.  Regardless of your age, a panel determines whether to spend money on care or not.  Since his prognosis is not good, it has been ruled he should die “with dignity.”

Charlie’s parents have fought to take him to the US for care.  A doctor has worked with another child having who has Charlie’s condition. That child is still alive after five years.

The Vatican has also offered to take the child, and the parents have raised over $1.7 million to take their son for care, yet British courts have ruled they cannot.

This is one example of what government healthcare means to the average person.  If you’re wealthy, you can opt out, and get your care wherever you see fit.  What if you were a senior citizen and had a serious problem with a poor prognosis?  Perhaps you will be told as Barack Obama said to take a painkiller rather than have surgery.

My point here, besides the dangers to the people of socialized medicine, is the bias that occurs. To the courts and leaders of a socialized society, this is considered the “right thing to do.”  The Prime Minister, Parliament, the Queen – someone should have the guts to stand up and say, “This is insanity.  It’s actually worse than insanity; it’s monstrous!”

This is euthanasia, and is no different than putting a cat or dog “to sleep.”  This is where socialized medicine takes society, just as Sarah Palin warned us.  This is the end result of placing the rights of the state (government) over the parent’s rights to their own children.  This is the next step after being desensitized to the sanctity of life by a million abortions a year.

There’s not much we can do from here other than sound the alarm regarding the danger on our horizon.

As I see it, our lessons are simple.  We need to pay attention to reality, understand the real dangers we face, and sound the alarm when needed, without crying wolf. There are real threats to our liberty and freedoms.  While emails, servers, meetings, and associations are all important, they are symptoms of a larger problem.

Government already has too much power and control over our everyday lives, and in reality, no one from either side is doing anything to slow or stop its continued growth.  They will never willingly relinquish the power.

Remember, socialism is not for the socialist, it is for the people. The people will suffer and the socialists will never live under the oppression they force on their citizens. If you think we are not already a democratic socialist country, try to buy one of the really cool cars available most anywhere but the US. Try buying the toilet, or the light bulb – or the health insurance you want.

“We are free,” you say?  Yes, we are free to do what we are told and to have what we are allowed.


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