I listened this morning to some stories about the present day slave trade.  Wait, slavery is illegal!  Yes, it is.  So is robbery, murder and drug trafficking, yet they continue as well.

There is a young girl, now eighteen, who was befriended by an older man.  When she was fifteen, he drugged her and when she woke up she was being raped by several men.  The man took her across the country where the abuse continued.  She was kept in a dark basement in chains when she was not being “used”.  In time she was sold to a gang leader who used her as his personal girl and also forced her to prostitute herself.

In time, she was arrested and she told the police who she was, her age and how long she had been held.  She is planning to testify against her abductors, working on getting her GED and starting her life over.

Another girl, now twenty-one, was taken at a young age to Mexico.  She was held and forced to have sex with as many as sixty men a day for five years!  She was rescued by a non-profit organization that seeks out these children.  She is now very active in helping pursue these vile people who take and use children.

A Chinese woman was taken as a work slave, who was brought to America with many others in a cargo container and sold to work in a large commercial laundry/cleaner business.  For over five years she was restrained by a chain on her neck and around her waist.  She carries scars from these chains and will for the rest of her life.  She also is actively working to stop this practice.

There are estimates that there as many as 30 million people held as slaves around the world.  While most are outside the US, our nation is far from insulated from this travesty.  It is unknown how many are held in slavery in the US, workers and sex slaves.  According to the New York Times, as many as 60,000 are held in the US as sex slaves or as workers.  Some are kidnapped, some sold and some held to pay off debts.

My point in bringing this up, aside from reminding you this is an ongoing problem in today’s world, the examples I gave above, show determined people.  Young people who had much of their lives stolen, innocence destroyed, they are people we’d think have every right to feel bitter and entitled.  Yet, they don’t.

In an age where college students need safe rooms with crayons, coloring books, and Play-Doh in case they see a Trump sign or some conservative icon – where people seeing a statue of a historical figure have a meltdown, these people have put their problems and issues aside to improve their lot in life.  In many cases, they are involved in efforts to stop the abuse to which they were subjected.

There are many real threats in the world today, threats to our safety, economy, and liberty.  Stirring up unrest and discord by both the media and special interest groups serves nothing but chaos.  And that my friends, is their goal.  Never let a crisis go to waste.

These people are being used by larger players in the “game”.  We need to concentrate on the core issues that threaten our republic and liberty and stop becoming so wrapped up in these side issues.  Certainly, the removal of statues and such must be fought, but these are symptoms of a much deeper problem.  If we fail to address the deeper issues of bigger and bigger government, the fraud, waste and abuse, growing regulations and unbridled spending and taxes than keeping or losing a statue will never matter in the end.



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