As Hurricane Harvey approaches the Texas coast, I decided to look at past predictions and the facts.  Predicting the future is risky, however using history and trends, we can be much more accurate than we can with feelings and expectations.

If Harvey strengthens to a Category 3 storm by landfall, it will be the first major hurricane to hit the US mainland in 12 years.  Hurricane Sandy that hit the northeast coast actually was downgraded to a tropical storm by the time it hit land.  A major hurricane is defined as a Category 3 storm or higher.

The media loves, absolutely loves storms of any kind.  They have taken to naming winter storms, and building fear and anticipation of approaching storms.  “Man on the scene” shots and videos attempt to make wind, rain and snow worse than they are.  They are either willingly or ignorantly playing into the hands of liars.  Yes, liars.

In fact, they don’t even need a storm to participate.  August 4th, 2016 Washington Post published an article with the headline, “The U.S. coast is in an unprecedented hurricane drought — why this is terrifying”.

Ever since the first Earth Day in 1970, predictions have been made by “experts”.  Public Policy Blog AEI published a list of 18 spectacularly wrong apocalyptic predictions a couple of years ago.  Al is in good company is seems.

Al Gore gained his notoriety as a “Global Warming Expert” with his documentary, An Inconvenient Truth.  Gore claimed that if we did not take “drastic measures” to reduce greenhouse gases, the world would reach a “point of no return” within ten years. He declared it a “true planetary emergency.”

Gore predicted increasing storms, more and larger hurricanes, melting ice, rising seas, dying polar bears and dangerous increases in deadly CO2.  Every one of these predictions is demonstrably wrong.  In fact, increased levels of CO2 act as a fertilizer.  Indeed, commercial greenhouses use carbon dioxide generators to increase growth and production.  Carbon Dioxide is NOT a pollutant, it is a plant nutrient!

The simple truth is, the number of severe storms is down over the past 12 years.  There was a peak in 2008 with the number of tornados, but that year is an outlier with the past few years below average.  As I said above, no major hurricanes have hit our shores in twelve years.

Each section of our nation is susceptible to some sort of natural disaster.  That’s just the way it is.  Coastal regions are threatened by hurricanes, the south and central by tornados, the north and mountains by winter storms and the west by earthquakes.  It is simply incumbent on each of us to be personally responsible for ourselves and our family.

Al Gore is a charlatan who has enriched himself by lying to ignorant people, and it has cost each of us as taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars.  Wind and solar subsidies have increased 53%, and this is only your tax dollars and does not account for the increased rates paid by consumers.  Solar energy cost is nearly 80 cents per kWh while nuclear is 4-5 cents.

The cost of compliance with federal regulations, much of which is climate related, is $1.75 trillion…yes, trillion.  And the government admits that compliance will make very little if any difference in “climate change”.

All this is a result of ignorance on the part of the people and a willingness to accept, even desire an ever increasing and demanding federal government. Only knowledge of the truth will reverse this, TRUTH HAS NO AGENDA.



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